Selecting the right cables and accessories is just as important as the equipment itself. In general, allocating about 10-20% of the project’s budget for cabling and related accessories is a good idea. It’s also a good idea to consider the class and cost of the equipment you’re purchasing cabling for; entry level integrated systems can sing with basic caliber cabling, at relatively small gauge (e.g. 14-16 AWG). Higher powered systems used for critical listening may benefit from lower gauge cabling, shielded cladding or braiding, and premium connectors.

You won’t find overpriced, esoteric cabling here. Synergy Spaces sources high performance, high value interconnects, speaker cabling, and accessories for your installation from trusted brands like SVS, Emotiva, Cable Matters, and Amazon Basics. It’s also smart to keep things tidy. Synergy Spaces always recommends pulling enough slack in cabling for ‘service loops’, using cable management (e.g. velcro ties), and labeling whenever possible. It makes things much easier during the installation, and when troubleshooting system issues down the road.