When it comes to extreme high performance, elegance, and unprecedented value, SV Sound (SVS) is one of the rare brands whom bestows that pedigree on every product they make. Founded by audio enthusiasts (many whom are still active in online forums), SVS backs up their unique products with equally stellar service and support. What started out as a line of world-class powered subwoofers, expanded into two equally impressive lines of loudspeakers (Prime and Ultra series) and accessories. We’re honored to be selected by SVS as an authorized dealer, and can’t wait to share their products with you!

Prime Center (Black Ash) - $349.99 ea.
Prime Center (Black Ash)
(Prime Center without grille)
(Prime Center without grille)

A center speaker has a challenging part to play. It has to be a soloist— delivering clear and natural dialogue. And in a split second it has to step back and be part of the back up band—melding with the ambiance of the environment they are creating. The Prime Center delivers both these demanding parts in world-class precision with its 1” aluminum dome tweeter, dedicated and independently sealed 3.5” midrange driver and dual 5.25” woofers – a true three way design, a rarity for center speakers in its price class.

Specifications: 1” aluminum dome tweeter »» 3.5” midrange driver »» Dual 5.25” woofers »» Black Ash and Piano Gloss Black finish options »» 5-way binding posts »» Dual 1” wide-flared rear-firing ports »» Cloth grille with pin/cup retention system »» Elastomer stick-on bumper feet (adds 3mm to height) »» Cabinet Dimensions: 7.6” (H) X 18.6” (W) X 8.3” (D) (includes grille, binding posts and bumper feet) »» Weight Unboxed: 20.2 pounds

Prime Satellite Pair (Black Ash) - $269.98 pr.
Prime Satellite Pair (Black Ash)

From the moment you pick up and feel the Prime Satellite, you are aware that never before have affordable satellite speakers offered this level of audiophile design, high-end components and precise build quality. Prime Satellites simply outclass the tiny and tinny surround speakers that are more form than performer. Prime Satellites revolutionize surround speakers—in fact, they employ many of the same components as their bigger brothers in the Prime and Ultra lines

Specifications: 1” aluminum dome tweeter »» 4.5” woofer »» Black Ash and Piano Gloss Black & White finish options »» 5-way binding posts »» 1” wide-flared rearfiring port »» Cloth grille with pin/cup retention system »» Elastomer stick-on bumper feet (adds 3mm to height) »» Keyway bracket for easy and convenient wall mounting (includes extra bumper pads for wall stand-off). »» Cabinet Dimensions: 8.75” (H) X 4.9” (W) X 5.53” (D). (includes grille, bracket, binding posts and bumper feet) »» Weight Unboxed: 6.5 pounds


Prime 5.1 System (Gloss Black) - $1199.99
Prime 5.1 System (Gloss Black)

The Prime Series Satellites were designed to challenge speaker convention, leveraging SVS’s audio passion and expertise, they exceed everything you might expect from such a small and versatile speaker, providing a truly world class listening experience. No compromise. Paired with our acclaimed SB-1000 subwoofer and its 300 Watts of power, the 5.1 system delivers a complete multi-channel experience for movies and music: audiophile precision to hit every note and bring out every word, cinematic dynamics to bring scenes to life, all at an unprecedented value, and boasting a compact size to work in any room. Ordinary soundbars simply don’t stand a chance against the power, depth and detail of this system.

This ensemble consists of five Prime Satellite speakers and one SB-1000 (Black Ash finish available for $999.99).

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